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This preset series comes with 3 different Templates that will instantly turn your bedroom song into a hit single. From Bay Area Agressive, LA Crisp, or NY Drill Warm Vocals, get quality vocals with just a drag and a drop! Save yourself time from mixing and focus soley on your creativity. We have a full detailed tutorial explaining the preset below.  

Save Time!

Recording and Mixing can be a pain, especially when you're trying to focus on your creativity. With Clear Vocal Presets, just record your take and watch it transform with just a drag and a drop. Save countless hours having to learn about plug-ins & mixing! Get your track sounding Essential with just a click of a button!

Increase Quality

We all had that moment where we record a hit song in our home studio and then listen back to the song sounding muffled and bland. Completely taking away your creativity and motivation. With Clear Vocal Presets your recordings will be Essential and in the mix so you can hear the closest refrence to your song!


Be Unique

A big way of getting fans is the ability to connect with your audince on a deeper level. Being able to be your true authentic self. Unlike other preset brands we don't cater to you sounding like other already known artists. We believe everyone has their own sound and should be able to showcase it how they see fit. Essential Vocal Presets does just that, allowing you to make the htis you deserve!


Essential Vocal Presets Come with 3 different templates like shown below





All of our Essential Vocal Templates are fully color coded and labeled for easy placements




We carefully design each preset to utilize every plug-in and mixing technique to give you a true industry standard quality


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